Breaking 80

"They call it 'golf' because all the other four letter words were taken!" - Ray Floyd

Golf is vexing.  Golf is invigorating.  Golf is challenging.  Golf is a lot of things.  But it also holds many parallels to life, perhaps a longer life.

Bob Brehl & Hazel McCallionBreaking 80 is an elusive goal for many amateur golfers.  It’s also the goal of people in today’s modern world to break through that age threshold both healthily and happily.  Bob finds links between the game of golf and life.  The project of Breaking 80 is ongoing as Bob talks to inspirational octogenarians, health professionals and passionate golfers about their ideas on how to best live a long life; and maybe even get around the golf course in 79 strokes or fewer!

Bob at St. Andrews Golf CourseWalking 10,000 steps a day, which is the equivalent to roughly five miles, is important to a healthy lifestyle, according to The American Heart Association.  Guess what?  Walking a golf course is more than 10,000 steps – a lot more if you spray the ball around!  The exercise from golf is great to prevent and treat heart disease and risk factors for heart disease.  Weight-bearing exercise helps prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia.  While you walk the golf course, you're the weight…try slinging that bag over your back and you’re that much better off, too!

Watch here and as Bob’s findings – which are not limited to exercise alone – begin to unravel.