Writing Your Story

Bob BrehlYou’ve got a story to tell.  But you scramble for the right words and messages.  You try and try and try, but it just isn’t working. We can help lift your story up and make it soar.  Speechwriting, persuasive opinion pieces under your byline, annual reports, news releases, and marketing materials are some of the corporate communications work we do.  Clients call Bob's writing clear and concise with the ability to get to the point in the most efficient way possible.

Your story can change and your messages can change even more frequently.  Nothing exemplifies this like sports with its peaks and valleys; its euphoria and anguish.  Take for example the owner’s letter written twice annually in the Toronto Blue Jays official fan program.  The message to fans can’t always be the same.  Fans – clients, for that matter – often dine on hope, but with a side of reality.  This owner’s letter came out in July 2014 after the once-surging Blue Jays fell on hard times:


Dear Blue Jays Fans,
No one said it was going to be easy.  Maybe we all began to think that way in May and early June when your Toronto Blue Jays kept winning and winning.  Like you, we’re fans and we started to entertain the chatter: “The AL East is no longer the beast it used to be” and “this is the year to grab the East with the big guys faltering.”
And, the fact is, we’re still very much a player – a big player—in what is about to unfold in the second half of the season, despite the challenges and heartaches we faced leading up to the All-Star break.
The beauty of baseball is every day is a new opportunity.  And today is another chance to make some hay in the AL East.
We can gripe about injuries.  We can gripe about hard luck and instant replay calls costing us games.  We can gripe about any number of things.
Blue Jays logoBut what Blue Jays fans don’t gripe about is this: their love of the team.  And this passion goes far beyond the Greater Toronto Area.  It is so exciting hearing fans from Vancouver to St. John’s, Saint John to Yellowknife talk about Blue Jays baseball; excited during winning streaks and downcast during downturns.  Many fans travel hundreds, or even thousands, of miles to come see their Jays.  Right now, you could be sitting beside someone from Moosejaw or Moncton; North Bay or New Westminster.  And that is pretty cool.
Are we happy the Jays fell from the top of the AL East before the All-Star game and turned into chaser from leader?  Of course not.  As representatives of ownership do we want to do what it takes to get the Jays into the playoffs?  Of course we do, within reason and without mortgaging the future.
This is going to be an exciting end to the 2014 season.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
Go Jays Go!


Bob Brehl graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic University's Radio and Television Arts program, then went on to study journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa.  He successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course, as well as the condensed media law course at the University of Western Ontario.  He’s been writing for a living for more than 30 years.