Telling Your Story

Bob BrehlReaching out to the media and reacting to the media, are the key components to effective media relations. Although new, traditional and social media, may seem different but at their core they're the same: telling compelling stories that impact people. With 20 years’ experience as a reporter, editor and executive, coupled with a decade of public relations work, Bob Brehl understands what a compelling story is and how to tell it.

Bob has run media campaigns as diverse as rail safety to telecommunications competition in Canada’s Arctic to gender equality in the highest reaches of corporate Canada.

“Having been a journalist, Bob understands the media and offers great insight and advice on how best to get your message across!” says Jan Innes, Vice-President Public Affairs, Rogers Communications Inc.

“Rail safety is an important issue for all Canadians as the tragedy in Lac Megantic proved once again.  For almost a decade we’ve worked with Bob on a number of media campaigns to educate the public about rail safety,” says David Brown, chief legal counsel Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, Maintenance of Way Employees Division. “Bob has designed and executed these campaigns using various tools – from writing insightful Opinion pieces for major newspapers to press releases, story ideas and proactive interviews with all types of media representatives.  Our work has been positively recognized by the Prime Minister’s Office and Opposition parties, and Bob’s role has been essential.”

Adds Jay Rosenzweig: “For ten years Bob has worked with us on various projects, most notably the annual Rosenzweig Report on Women at the Top Levels of Corporate Canada.  His writing and his advice are clear and concise; always helping Rosenzweig & Company executive recruitment stand out in the global talent management field.”

With a background encompassing sports reporting, business affairs, investigative journalism and new media, Bob has a handle on Canada's media industry.