The Best of Milt Dunnell: Over 40 Years of Great Sportswriting (1993)

Milton Dunnell

Sports Writer for the Toronto Star

Published in 1993, this Canadian best-seller is a compilation of some of the best writing from Canada’s premiere sports columnist, Milt Dunnell.

Bob Brehl combed through more than 10,000 Toronto Star columns by Milt Dunnell to present the reader with not only historical sporting events – Northern Dancer winning the Kentucky Derby, Muhammad Ali’s greatest fights, the Canada-Russia hockey series of 1972, to name a few – but also insight into the gentle man known simply as Milt “The Sports Editor of Canada” to thousands of his admirers.

“I loved that man, I still do,” said hockey legend Bobby Hull.  “Milt was the greatest guy I knew in the media.  Or, Jack Kent Cooke, who owned the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball club before moving to the U.S. to own the Los Angeles Kings hockey team and Washington Redskins football club: “Milt’s the best sportswriter there ever was.”

Milt passed away in January 2008 at the age of 102.

Milt Dunnell - Written by Robert Brehl in 1993


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