Right Hand Man: How Phil Lind Guided the Genius of Ted Rogers

Phil Lind

In this wide-ranging and anecdote-laden memoir, Phil Lind tells – Right Hand Manthrough Bob Brehl’s writing – how he guided the entrepreneurial genius of Canadian visionary Ted Rogers during a 40-year and often up-and-down business relationship.  From wild days of cable-TV consolidation in  Canada and franchising in the United States, to successfully dealing with the telecom and cable regulator, the CRTC, to holding bankers at bay, to hostile takeovers, Lind gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the building of one of Canada’s great companies, Rogers Communications Inc.

But Right Hand Man is not your ordinary business book: it’s also an honest account from someone born into privilege who defied authority at every corner growing up and then grew into a workaholic, which put strain on his personal and family life.  Lind opens up for the first time publicly about his massive stroke at age 54 and how he deals with the barriers that came with his new post-stroke life.  Lind is the ultimate eclectic man: high-profile executive, generous philanthropist, art collector, sportsman and sports fan, political operative, inspirational stroke survivor and a lot more.

Right Hand Man - Co-Written by Robert Brehl November 2018