What people say about Bob...

“I’ve known Bob Brehl 25 years but I picked him to help with my memoirs because he’s a fine writer and a terrific story teller, not simply someone I’ve known for a long time.  He was easy to work with and consistently researching and coming up with facts and anecdotes that added to the story.  Bob came up with things about my ancestors that even my brothers, sister and I didn’t know.  I highly recommend working with Bob.”

Phil Lind

“For ten years Bob has worked with us on various projects, most notably the annual Rosenzweig Report on Women at the Top Levels of Corporate Canada. His writing and his advice are clear and concise; always helping Rosenzweig & Company executive recruitment stand out in the global talent management field.”

Jay Rosenzweig, managing partner of Rosenzweig & Company

“Having been a journalist, Bob understands the media and offers great insight and advice on how best to get your message across.  Bob has written speeches and articles for our executives.  His writing is well researched, and thoughtful and he’s able to find the voice of whomever he’s writing for.”

Jan Innes, Vice-President Public Affairs, Rogers Communications Inc.

“Rail safety is an important issue for all Canadians as the tragedy in Lac Megantic proved once again. For almost a decade we’ve worked with Bob on a number of media campaigns to educate the public about rail safety. Bob has designed and executed these campaigns using various tools – from writing insightful Opinion pieces for major newspapers to press releases, story ideas and proactive interviews with all types of media representatives. Our work has been positively recognized by the Prime Minister’s Office and Opposition parties, and Bob’s role has been essential.”

David Brown, chief legal counsel Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, Maintenance of Way Employees Division

“Bob’s a natural storyteller and he spent a lot of time with two legendary Canadians, Ted Rogers and Hazel McCallion. He learned their secrets to success in business and politics and he has an entertaining way of drawing comparisons – and differences – between the two and can offer leadership tips useful to any organization from two of Canada’s greatest leaders in their respective fields.”

Paul Barter, VP Research T4G Limited

“Bob Brehl is thorough and hard-working. He had a brainwave to create this book and actually went and found every one of the columns I wrote for the Toronto Star for 40 years – more than 10,000 columns in all – and then he read each and every one of them!”

The late Milt Dunnell

“Bob’s natural talent and unique ability to make narrative come alive, not only uplifting and inspiring his readers but also providing a catalyst for thoughtful contemplation sets him apart. Working with him on my autobiography made the whole experience most enjoyable and rewarding.”

Hazel McCallion, C.M., LL.D.   Former Mayor - City of Mississauga

“As a birthday gift, my children hired a terrific writer by the name of Robert Brehl to help me write my life story. Bob was easy to work with and he did a great job with ‘Relentless’, my autobiography.”

The late Ted Rogers   President and CEO of Rogers Communications Inc.